Meet our team!

Meet our team!

Natasha Dubreuil

Meet our team: Natasha Dubreuil

At the beginning of her professional career, Natasha Dubreuil, was a director of human resources. Quickly after, she was ambitious towards opening her own consultation office. While becoming a mother of three children, I wanted to balance work and family all while still continuing to nourish my entrepreneurial spirit. It was soon after that I founded the Tic Tac Gym — a sports environment for children ages 0 to 12 years old. Our mission to transmit fun through our physical activities and to help the kids move. Our team offer physical activity and gymnastic classes. We also provide activities that include obstacle courses, a variety of different sports and nursery courses with the participation of a parent. We also organize birthday parties, suppers “a moment to relax with your friends” and day camps. Little by little, we will be a place of choice by providing a combination of daycare services and animation for the children in the context of events. Our motto is: give kids the right start to sports and they will be active for life!


Meet our team: Carolina

Carolina studied psychology and did her stage with children. She is a high-performance athlete in diving. She is a member of the Canadian national team in diving. Right-hand — motor skill classes with the participation of a parent, preschool gymnastics, motor skill classes in daycares and schools, and animation in major events.

In addition, Carolina adores exercising, having fun, laughing with the children and being part of the Tic Tac Gym team. The children love her!


Meet our team: Jennifer

Studying languages and hopes to become a speech pathologist. She has had a passion for soccer and gymnastics since she was a child. She is a coach for soccer and gymnastics, clearly Jennifer adores working with children! She appreciates their honesty, their creativity, their energy and their unconditional love.

Finally, Jennifer has been a part of this wonderful team at the Tic Tac Gym for 2 years now. She is a gymnastics coach, a camp monitor and an animator for the birthday parties at the Tic Tac Gym.

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