Meet our team!


Mother of three young children, I wanted to reconcile career and family life. My business project should allow me to involve my children in my work and contribute to the good development of children. This is how the Tic Tac Gym was born.

«I am convinced that introducing our children to physical activity early will have beneficial effects on their lifestyle and I find it essential to respect the pace of development of our children by encouraging them, but without pressure to foster their self-confidence and fulfillment!»

Team member

Caroline studied psychology and did her stage with children. From an early age, she followed a career as a high level diving athlete. She was a member of Canada’s National Diving Team. She has been an important asset to the Tic Tac Gym team since 2013. She is Natasha’s right hand man, instructor of parent-baby motor skills classes, sports and pre-school gymnastics classes, motor skills classes in daycares, and a facilitator for children during events! Carolina loves to move, have fun and laugh with the kids! The kids love it!

“Carolina easily connects with children. She is an important member of the Tic Tac gym since the very beginning. Children of all ages love her. It’s a pleasure to work with her every day. ” –Natasha


Jennifer studies in languages and hopes to become a speech therapist. She has had a passion for soccer and gymnastics since she was a child. She has been coaching soccer and gymnastics for four years. Jennifer loves working with children. She appreciates their honesty, their creativity, their energy and their unconditional love.

She has been part of the great Tic Tac Gym team for three years. She is a gymnastic trainer, camp instructor and a facilitator for birthday parties. Jennifer is an asset for the Tic Tac Gym.

"Jennifer has a real passion for gymnastics and wants to pass on her passion to children. Children love her approach. Her good humor, her dynamism and her smile are contagious"

Sports Trainer

He is currently studying to become a recreation technician and he aspires to facilitate sport étudiant for children in primary school. He is passionate about sports, particularly soccer and track and field, two disciplines he continues to practice competitively. Soccer coach for five years now, he easily communicates with children.

Jonathan loves working with them because they are always enthusiastic, and they especially never run out of energy. He has been a part of our team, here, at the Tic Tac Gym for almost a year. Jonathan is a coach for many sports, a camp monitor and a facilitator for the birthday parties.

“Jonathan’s patience with the children is golden. He is always dynamic, in a good mood, and really enjoys facilitating children. Children adore playing with him. We are very lucky that Jonathan is part of our team.”

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