“ The Tic Tac Gym is more than just a gym, but a place where a child can build their self-confidence! ”

Why choose us?

  • Our instructors are qualified and are committed to child development.
  • In order to properly get to know each child and to ensure full motor development, our groups are formed with a small number of athletes per coach.
  • Every athlete is part of our big and lovely family.

A non-competitive place where a child’s self-confidence and motor development is our priority!

Birthday Parties!

This year, take full advantage of your child’s birthday party, by entrusting us the organization of this event!

Sports Day Camp

Summer-Winter-march school break-pedagogical day-parent evenings

Daycare/school services

A motor skill development program that is given at a place that is convenient for you.

Pre-school gymnastics and general sports

3- to 5-year-old

Your child will develop their physical, social and intellectual abilities within a fun, secure and non-competitive environment, in order to develop at their own rhythm.


6- to 12-year-old

These exercises encourage self-confidence, balance skills, coordination, flexibility and muscle strength.

Gym for infants

6 to 36 months

In order to awake the senses, the hand-eye coordination, the brain and as well as the motor ability of your child, colors, gymnastic movements, music, and bubbles are used during these courses.

“Because every child deserves to develop at their own rhythm as well as build their self-confidence!”